Amandiers en fleurs

h. 97,00 x l. 65,00 cm

Philippe le Monies de Sagazan is a self-taught painter born in the French Britain. Two universes form his palette, Cartagena and French Britain.
In his paintings he traps scenes and places to make endless the emotions of that instant.
A brush that travels rapidly across the canvas rescuing all the notes that the moment is composed of.
A palette full of primary colours to for fill us of Mediterranean warmth, to build human landscapes full of life, completely integrated in the environment, forming little universes.
When we look at his paintings, we can hear the laughing, splashes, conversations, get impregnated of the vitality of the sunny days.
When he dips his brush in shaded colours, it splashes against the canvas like the waves against the rocky French Britain beaches.
A light that calls you to submerge in the earths soul itself, where nature takes place of the people, maybe as a reflection of our interior world.